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A piece of note an Education National Day

In Mei 2, 1889, there was born a little boy who’s named Raden Mas Seowardi Soeryaningrat. By the time he grew up, kind of this man has brought lots of changes for Indonesia’s Education. In order to celebrate Ki Hajar Dewantara’s birthday, it is also given a high dedication for him to commemorate the Education day.  The true story of him, furthermore, about his goodwill to develop education in Indonesia starting from building college park students in a colonialism era. This college purpose was to help Indonesian natives to get an education. Hence, it became one way of first steps of education development in Indonesia.

A piece of note an Education National Day
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 Several days ago, we celebrated the 54th of International Education Day. As a regards the education development, maybe, most of us take down on Indonesia’s Education. It is caused by less inequality in our education like in the remote area so that they look over it with the blind eye.  Lately, one more case also happens on conducting national exam in Senior High School. The government failed to do it all at once. Absolutely, it is one sight the weakness of our education. At worse, the dishonesty is repeatedly found every year in conducting national exam; either it is done by students or national exam organizers including the headmasters and teachers.

In another hand, Indonesia, of course, has good achievement especially in Education which could be pride for the nation.  Recently, Indonesia’s team got an achievement in International Robot Competition Trinity, Hartford, USA. This kind of achievement has given another meaningful estimate for our society which is always taken down by most of the men.

Finally, there is nothing to say for 54th celebrating National Education Day unless we have to keep and give the best for our education. Then keep in your mind, kick out of your act in cheating, now and forever “STOP CHEATING”.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”~ Gandhi
Written in 4th of Mei 2014 in Pekalongan, at 07:27 am WIB
by: Ady Mifarizki

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