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8 Ways to Build Your Confidence in Public Speaking

8 Ways to Build Your Confidence in Public Speaking

Everyone has an ability to speak in front of the public. But, not all people can do it well, especially in English. To be a public speaker is not only to talk in front of people on the stage, but also to share the ideas, experiences, and knowledge in front of them. In this case, many people are not confident to do that, so they feel doubt, nervous and anxious to speak in front of the public. This is called a Stage fright. This problem is very common. Therefore, we need to build our confidence in order to decrease our anxiety in speaking

Here are some ways to build your confidence based on my experience.
  1. The first thing that you need to do before starting your speech, make sure you have prepared yourself by practicing many times. Take more time to rehears can make your preparation better. You can do it in front of the mirror to practice your readiness to face other people.
  2. The second one is, think the funny things to reduce your anxiety when you are about to start your speech. Try to enjoy the situation by giving yourself spirit and feel like you are ready.
  3. The next is, when you are about to start your speech, take a deep breath (inhale) and take off (exhale) slowly, control your heartbeat, the faster your heart is beating, the worse your nervous will be. Give your sweet smile to the audiences, give them a good impression at the first time, and not to make them disappointed of what you will do next.
  4. Try to be familiar with the room or the situation where you belong. Never think that you are not ready, although you are actually less preparation. Feel like when you are rehearsing, but more serious, show your best performance.
  5. Eye contact is a very important thing in every case. Yet, this is also the hardest thing to do in public speaking. Keep your eye contact to the audience can make you nervous too, because they are also staring at you. To hide your nervous, you can move your eye contact to the wall behind them, or everything that can keep your concentrate to deliver what you are going to say. But still, after you feel better, your eye contact to the audience will make them appreciate your performance.
  6. Try to express your feeling or your thoughts when you are speaking, to convey them about the message that you give. Use your gesture also can reduce your nervous, because you feel free to move your hands, and face expression. You can also take some steps forward, side, or back, to support your gesture. Don’t forget to notice your time, when you should do the step and when you should stand by.
  7. Don’t be too fast in delivering your speech, slowly but sure. The important thing is not only your best appearance, but also your message that you mean to.
  8. When you are about to finish your speech, take 1 or 2 seconds to relax your mind and face. Don’t forget to give your smile for the last time. Close your speech by thanking them for their attention. 

Well, those are some ways to handle your anxiety or nervousness when you are about to deliver your speech in front of the public. Meanwhile, every person has their own way to handle those problems, depends on their own personality. These are the general ways that I can share, based on my experience. If you have some questions, or corrections, please give your comment in the comment box below. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

Article by Eureka English Center

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