Tuesday, July 17, 2018

An Example of Argumentative Writing

An Example of Argumentative Essay

Does internet gives a negative impact to social interaction?

It is no doubt that the existence of internet that attracts people’s attention. In one hand, it helps people in many aspects of their lives. However, I strongly agree that it can negatively affect their social interaction in the following extent.

To begin with, spending more time to use internet can give a negative impact to someone’s social skill because they would rather sit in front of their gadget or computer rather than meeting up with other people. To illustrate this point, it is now widely seen in social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp and twitter, that when someone’s father passed away, many of his friend prefer to say “RIP” by updating their status in their social media rather than to come to his houses and pray together.

The other effect is the fact that internet provides everything, from positive to negative things. Today, adult people even children can access everything they want including something negative that should not be seen by them. As a result, as far as I am concerned, one of the causes of the increasing number of free-sex cases is because everyone can access something related to sexual relation freely. 

In conclusion, I completely agree that using internet affect someone’s lives in two extents, namely bad impact to social skill and the limitless access of internet. Last but not least, due to the bad impact of internet, I personally expect that parents pay big attention to their children when using internet.

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