Eureka Instructors

Ahmad Madkur, M. Pd

This humorous person is the managing director of Eureka English Center. Having excellent English, Madzkur got scholarship of Intensive English Program at Colorado State University, USA. His previous achievement strengthens himself to be more successful person without merely depending on facilities. In addition to concerning on the development of Eureka, he is now a Master Student of UIN Jakarta and also one of English lecturers in State Islamic College of Jurai Siwo Metro.

Hasanul Misbah, S. Pd

Aul (his nickname), the instructor whose pronunciation is very good had already won several English competitions. He successfully got his bachelor degree with cum laude GPA. He is a kind of famous person on his campus because of his nice voice as a band vocalist. He is also now pursuing Master degree majoring English Language Teaching.

Jemmy Andrio Fauzi, S. Pd

Jemmy, a big fan of Manchester United, is a skillful instructor who really understands about how to operate SPSS program. Due to his ability, many university students frequently consult their research, particularly quantitative one, to ease their data analysis. Just to let you know, this handsome man loves K-Pop very much.

Dani Ariansyah, S. Pd

Playing futsal is his hobby. Besides being an English instructor at Eureka, Dani teaches Mathematics to some school-aged children at his home. His undergraduate thesis about High Frequency Words (HFW) stimulated him to keep developing his English ability. This quiet guy often makes many students very attracted to him by his amazing talent to playing guitar.

Fajar Lutfi, S. Pd

Fajar is one of Eureka’s most favorite instructors. This smart person has a very good ability at entrepreneurship. Together with Aul and Vicky, he became a greatly considerable scrabble player in the province. He, with a deep feeling of parenthood, is known as a very guiding teacher so that many students can feel pleasant to study with him.

Vicky Rica Andika, S. Pd

The various activities as the manager of HRD and an instructor in Eureka doesn’t make Vicky tired to improve and share his knowledge. He is also an English teacher at a Vocational High School. This friendly person is such a skillful scrabble player that he got some trophies in some regional and national competitions.

Ady Mifarizki, M. Pd

The direct experience of the true English environment in English Village (Kampung Inggris) in Pare, East Java highly improves Kiki’s English ability. This friendly and funny person is also very knowledgeable about designing and making websites and blog. He has also finished his Master degree from Ahmad Dahlan University Yogyakar with cum laude GPA. Moreover, he is one of the alumni of Mahesa, Marvelous,  and Manager of Fabelia, (PARE) Institute is very open to share everything he knows.

Muhammad Ulul Azmi, S. Pd

He is an undergraduate student majoring English Teaching. This masculine English instructor is also involved in an English club named Jurai Siwo English Club. In his relatively young age, he has already had a very good leadership. He is able to work both individually and collectively.